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Labour Laws
Labour Laws
Our Founder & Managing Partner has expertise and years of experience behind him in handling complex and intricate issues disputes arising out of Labour Laws. Infact, father of our Founder & Managing Partner is an authority on the subject and has authored various books for the understanding and applicability of Labour Laws in the country.
Our team of professionals are adept in advising clients on regulatory compliance, Employee Code of Conduct, balance employer- employee interests and managing industrial relations. Our team of experienced legal professionals have the skill and knowledge to ensure that employers are compliant with all the relevant labour laws, both at a national and state level.
Furthermore, we provide legal advice on employee disputes and other related matters. which include the legal advice, conducting contracts and negotiations, filing of documents with the labour courts, drafting of documents and pleadings to protect the employers’ interests. Our lawyers are well-equipped to seek redressal of grievances related to wages, employment, layoffs, termination of services etc., for employers as well as employees. We also help clients review their current policies and suggest amendments to ensure compliance.